Selected Visualizations (with colleagues at NASA/ARC/NAS listed in the publications):

  1. A 5-day Forecast of Hurricane Katrina (2005) (preview)

  2. Formation of TC Nargis (2008) in a 7-day Simulation  (preview)

  3. Formation of Twin TC in a 10-day Simulation (preview)

  4. Formation of Hurricane Helene (2006) in a 30-day Simulation (~100MB) (preview)

  5. Scale Interaction of Katrina and an upper-level jet stream (preview)

  6. e-Poster  entitled “Analyzing the Multi-scale Interactions of Tropical Waves and Tropical Cyclone Formation with the NASA CMAVis System” (preview)

  7. Sensitivity of Twin TC Formation Simulations to Initial Conditions (preview)

  8. Sensitivity of Sandy's Simulations to Initial Conditions (preview)

  9. Numerical Initial Shocks (preview)

  10. Formation of Six Tropical Clones associated with an MJO in May 2002 (preview)