Honors and Awards
  1. Outstanding Performance Award --- Science: "for his outstanding scientific research in using a global mesoscale model to improve our understanding of the physical processes associated with tropical cyclones". NASA/GSFC, Laboratory for Atmospheres, 2010  

  2. UMCP CMPS Research Discovery Award: University of Maryland at College Park, April 2010

  3. Exceptional Scientific Achievement Award: "for outstanding scientific research using a global mesoscale model to improve understanding of the physical processes associated with tropical cyclones", NASA/GSFC/613.1, 2009

  4. NASA DDCS Poster Winner Award: Bo-Wen Shen was the runner-up in the most readable poster category for "Hurricane Forecasts with a Global Mesoscale Model on the NASA Columbia Supercomputer" at the second Science Exploration Directorate New Year's Poster Party Blowout, NASA/GSFC, 2009

  5. Outstanding Contractor Award in Science , NASA GSFC Laboratory for Atmospheres, 2006

  6. Outstanding Performance Award, NASA GMAO/SRT, 2005

  7. Outstanding Contractor Award, NASA Laboratory for Atmospheres, 2004

  8. Outstanding Performance Award, NASA GMAO/SRT, 2004

  9. DAO Special Recognition Award, NASA DAO, 2002

  10. Group Achievement Award, NASA DAO/STR, 2001

  11. Outstanding Performance Award, Air Force Command Headquarters, Ministry of National Defense, Taiwan, 1994.

  12. Outstanding Performance Award, Weather Center of Weather Wing, ROCAF, Taiwan, 1994.

  • News focus in Science Magazine: Bo-Wen Shen was featured in Science magazine in August 2006 (PDF download).

  • Highlights by AGU (2006): High-resolution hurricane modeling research (e.g., Shen et al. , 2006a,b) has been selected as an AGU Journal Highlight. 

  • UMCP Research Breakthroughs (April 2010): A story entry derived from Shen et al. (2010, JGR) appeared in the April 2010 "Research Breakthroughs," to be disseminated by the Division of Research at the University of Maryland at College Park. (link)

  • Marquis Who's Who in the World (28th-33rd edition, 2011-2016)

  • Marquis Who's Who in America (64th-70th edition, 2010-2016)

  • Marquis Who's Who in Science and Engineering (10th-12th, 2008-2009, 2011-2012, 2016-2017 edition)